With over 40 years' experience. IRRISTAR S.r.l. is a leading irrigation systems company providing project design, equipement and component procurement and system installations.


Founded in the early 60s by Giovanni Bertozzo under the name GBERTOZZO, IRRISTAR S.r.l. has pioneered a revolution with modern irrigation systems and innovative Technologies using cutting edge research and development. The proprietary patent of "retractable" irrigation system with 25 years guarantee which doesn't require any maintenance is widely used in the industry.


The main system components are internally designed and produced.


While providing all the main irrigation systems ("retractable, fixed) IRRISTAR S.r.l. is specialized in the microirrigation systems used in agriculture for vineyards, orchards, either open air and underground. We just use high quality materials provided by the leading manufacturers (TORO AG, IRRITEC, SIPLAST). We also provide and install mobile system and pivot systems. Our after sale services integrate our product offering giving peace of mind to all our clients.