Allows the tilling of the soil in depth without hindrance, and therefore makes sowing possible without wasting any tilled land, preventing the growth of weeds

The hydrant exit phase is favoured by small water leaks from both the nozzle and the play between the telescopic elements. These leaks simultaneously clean the sliding elements and soften the surrounding ground, this facilitating the exit with a very low pressure. And last but not least, the GVB lasts a lifetime because of its very simple construction, with very few components, using high-quality corrosion-proof materials impervious to external chemical agents, so as to guarantee maximum duration.



At the end of the upward movement and after having released the pressure, connect the irrigator bar.







When finished irrigating, removed the bar with the irrigator and connected the plug back in place, push it bach into its seat.

When the reentry is completed, the ground is free for the mechanized crop harvesting and ready for the subsequent operations.


The GVB hydrant is unique in its kind. It is innovative in the field of hydrants of fixed type with retractable telescopic connection. Thanks to the capability of reentering into the soil, it makes it possible to carry out the normal ploughing operation, using all the soil and preventing the growth of weeds.


The strong feature of the GVB is the absence of gaskets or any other part subject to wear (so that there is no need for maintenance). The locking of the telescopic tubes one into the other is guaranteed by a simple conic coupling that, once locked by the action of water, turns the hydrant into a rigid, compact body.



 Burial depth

mt. 1,0 - 1,10
Working depth mt. 0,50 - 0,80
Sustainable hydrant Ø 1" - 2" - 2" 1/2
Working pressure Bar 1 - 16
Hydrant tubes and bushings Treated stainless steel
Water pipe Ø 63 - 225 mm